MIUSA to Welcome Malaysian Exchange Student with a Disability to the U.S

Student in classroom facing presenter and whiteboard
January 18, 2018

MIUSA will conduct a one-day arrival orientation for a high-school exchange student from Malaysia, who is participating in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. The student has a disability, and will join a cohort of 10 other YES students with disabilities already living and studying in host communities across the United States.

The MIUSA orientation will include:

  • Introduction to U.S. disability rights and culture
  • Site visit to non-profit serving community members with visual disabilities
  • Introduction to assistive technology and accommodations used in educational settings
  • Touch and audio tour of a cultural site
  • Goal setting for the semester ahead

The following day the student will depart for their host community where they will spend the spring semester. 

Event location: 

New York, NY