Four women, all wheelchair users, seated in a row. Susan Sygall and Judith Heumann are among them with two international delegates.

"A True Disability Activist": Honoring the Service of Judy Heumann

For six and a half years, Judith Heumann, an internationally-recognized leader in the disability community and a lifelong civil rights advocate, has served the United States Department of State as the Special Advisor for International Disability Rights. Furthermore, since the establishment of Mobility International USA, she has strongly supported its efforts and has been an actively involved in MIUSA’s international and national programs and events.

A group of women including Susan Sygall hold hands before a colorful mural

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: A Day of Gratitude to the Change-Makers

On behalf of everyone at Mobility International USA, I want to wish all of our alumni, allies, supporters and disability rights activists everywhere a heartfelt thank you for all the work that each of you is doing to advance the disability rights movement.

It is an honor to be the CEO of MIUSA, whose mission is to advance disability rights and leadership globally so that people with disabilities can take their rightful place in society. We envision that people with disabilities are not only productive citizens, but also leaders of their communities in their countries.

Two women gleefully lock arms and laugh

New Video Celebrates MIUSA's 35 Years

Sometimes it takes a village to make a dream come true. In our 35th Anniversary year of MIUSA, we have had the privilege of seeing countless communities come together to create possibility and opportunity.

It is our honor to share with you the debut of our new video celebrating MIUSA's story, chronicling how two friends with a shared vision laid the foundation for today's global network of youth, women, and men advancing the status of people with disabilities everywhere.

Image shows various styles and colors of the Loud, Proud and Passionate! tshirt

Loud, Proud & Passionate!® T-shirt Campaign Launches

All profits will support Mobility International USA’s (MIUSA) Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD), our signature women’s leadership training program. This highly selective, intensive three-week training brings together women with disabilities from around the world to share their experiences and strategies, build skills, and strengthen networks of support. 

We have raised the majority of the funding we need for WILD 2016. This t-shirt campaign is the final push that will bring us to our fundraising goal!

Inocencio in a black jacket and hat waves on a winter day

If It's Your Dream, It's Achievable

New videos highlight the experiences of four individuals with disabilities on their opportunity to travel to the U.S. for university study. Whether it's being selected to receive a Fulbright student scholarship or enrolling directly in a U.S. university - these newly released videos show not only the pathways to get to the U.S. but the cultural, personal, and educational benefits of the experience. Four individuals with different disabilities share about accessibility they found on U.S. campuses, and skills they learned when living far from home.