Challenge Yourself and Change the World!®The MIUSA experience brings together people with and without disabilities to immerse themselves in state-of-the-art access and inclusion.

Sometimes you can't dream what you've never experienced.

These words ring loud and true, especially for people with disabilities, government officials, and other leaders who are working towards equal opportunity and disability rights throughout the world.

Is this you? If so, in your heart and mind you know that:

Children with all types of disabilities should have the same opportunity to learn, in the same schools, as non-disabled children. You need to know how to make that possible, what training is necessary, and what laws and policies protect and promote that right.

People with all types of disabilities should have the right to ride public buses and other public transit systems. You are looking for ways to implement these ideas and how to fund them.

Laws and policies in the U.S. and other countries ensure that the rights of people with disabilitie are more than just words on paper, by incorporating specific language on implementation, enforcement and remedies. You want to know how you can strengthen the laws and policies in your country so that people with all disabilities can have their rights and equal opportunities.

People with disabilities should be proud of who they are, proud of their disability identity. You’re looking for ways to make changes in your community so that individuals with disabilities are included, respected and supported on their journey to be leaders.

Attitudes and behaviors are often shaped by the media - on radio, TV, print and social media. You want to utililize the voice of leaders with disabilities to convey the message that disability issues are human rights issues, not medical or charity problems.

Reasonable accommodations are essential for disabled people to thrive in their communities. You want to gather best practices for providing and budgeting for reasonable accommodations. 

“The exchange program was very informative and helped us see best practices and policies and how we can adapt them according to our needs.” - Member of Parliament from Pakistan

Leaders in Leadership

For over 35 years, the disability-led organization Mobility International USA (MIUSA) has trained more than 2300 people with and without diverse disabilities — disability rights activists, government officials, parliamentarians, parents of disabled children and youth — from throughout the U.S. and around the world through our disability rights and leadership programs. MIUSA alumni have gone on to make huge changes in their lives and the lives of those in their home communities.

"The opportunity to get to know the experience in the United States has been extremeley enriching. We can truly appreciate that if we, as persons with disabilities, do not endeavor to ensure that our rights be recognized, we will not advance." - MIUSA participant from Peru

“My experience has enabled me to feel more confident about myself and my capabilities. I learned about grant writing and inclusive education and now I have more resources to support my work.” - MIUSA alum with a physical disability from Malaysia

About Our Staff

Mobility International USA staff are people with and without disabilities who are knowledgeable and passionate about disability rights, women’s rights, international development, and international exchange.

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