A World Awaits You

Be drawn into the stories of people with disabilities who have traveled out into the world, then glean from their experiences to start your own international journey!

So often we hear from people with disabilities and colleagues in the international exchange or disability fields how the stories we share change what they think is possible.

This AWAY publication captures stories of people with disabilities who have participated in international exchange experiences around the world.

It includes:

  • Why they chose to go
  • What they did to find and fund opportunities
  • How they planned for the experience
  • What disability-related strategies they used in navigating abroad
  • How the journey has impacted them on return


Among the individual stories you will find useful are tips and infographics, lists of opportunities, and best practices from those who coordinate overseas programs. AWAY is published once or twice a year in a variety of accessible formats, and each issue follows a different theme.

View the most recent issues in the Table of Contents. Happy reading!