6 Signs that It's Been Too Long Since Your International Exchange

Close up of collage of old travel photos featuring people with disabilities plus a souvenir globe and flag
While many returned international travelers have barely started unpacking, others among us are thinking back on exchange experiences that took place 5, 10, 20 years earlier!

You could be one of them if:

  1. Your photographs were captured on film. Actual film! That you had to get developed!

  2. Your travel tales went un-chronicled on Instagram and Tumblr in favor of travel journals, postcards, and emails to friends (made on Hotmail or AOL accounts).

  3. You want to re-connect with your overseas friends and host family, but you’re going to have to do some major detective work in order to track down their contact info.

  4. When your first passport expired, you experienced the anguish of parting with it during the renewal process.

  5. The souvenirs you brought back are starting to emit a musty smell.

  6. The suitcase you took with you is being held together with duct tape, if it hasn't collapsed altogether.

Sound like you?

Then it’s probably been a while since you went abroad! A lot has happened in your life since then, and we’d love to hear some of the highlights and lasting impact of your exchange. If you’re a person with a disability, tell us about your #LifeAfterExchange here.


Ashley Holben