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Be Proud of Who You Are! A Disability Pride Month Message from Susan Sygall

Above: MIUSA alum Scader from Malawi shares her “Loud, Proud and Passionate®” video message!

And here it comes again: July 26th!

Every year in the United States we take some time to celebrate the historic passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA’s enforcement mechanisms make it one of the most effective disability rights laws in the world.

This month in the U.S. we also celebrate Disability Pride. Pride in ourselves as people with disabilities is fundamental to holding a “rights-bearing attitude”, and for asserting our rights as equal citizens in the world.

As a wheelchair rider, I am so proud of my disability identity.

This sense of pride also resonates with many of our alumni around the world. These include “Loud, Proud and Passionate®” disabled women leaders in 89 countries who have participated in MIUSA’s Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). Watch a captioned video of WILD alum Scader from Malawi sharing her LPP message!

In addition to the WILD leaders, other MIUSA alumni in countries around the world such as Armenia, Nepal and Pakistan, have worked tirelessly for legislation to change the lives of millions of disabled people everywhere.

As we celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, I want to honor the disabled activists throughout the world. We celebrate you and your hard-won accomplishments.

Be proud of who you are. Yes, there is still a long way to go, but let’s always remember to celebrate our victories.

Susan Sygall, CEO and Co-Founder
Mobility International USA (MIUSA)

Author: Ashley H

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