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Mobility International USA hosts virtual and in-person events as part of our initiative to empower networking and learning for individuals and communities.




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Past Events

Come Learn with Us in the Spring 2024 Webinar Series

Justin presenting PPT with panelists at GSA_0

Brilliant & Resilient Windowfront Exhibition – April 5, 2024

WILD woman in a wheelchair holding arms up in success. Photo by Brian Lanker

Now Accepting Applications for the 2024 NCDE Access to Exchange Externship

A young woman wearing sunglasses and scarf sits with view of perhaps the golden gate bridge in the background

NCDE Announces the 2023 Access to Exchange Summit

Graphic of stacks of blue, red and blue suitcases. Text above reads "Access to Exchange Summit" in red letters; Above that, National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Women gather on a dance floor among a wooded setting. In foreground, two young adult women with physical disabilities share a joyful moment. Some women shake percussive musical instruments.

Externship Highlight Webinar: Ready for Takeoff- Disability and International Exchange


Webinar: International Exchange Programs For High School Students With Disabilities

A group of ten or so young people in front of a castle on a clear day smile and wave energetically at camera. Many are people of color and one person uses a power wheelchair while others stand.

Disability Inclusion at NAFSA 2021


That’s a Wrap: 2021 Joining Hands Virtual Symposium


Disability Access Top of Mind at Global Internship Conference in 2021


Susan Sygall to Address InterAction Members on World Disability Day


SOLD OUT: Celebrating MIUSA’s Community

community event streamers(1) - cropped for header

NCDE Promotes International Education at the National Federation of the Blind Conference in New Orleans


Webinar: Supporting Parents of Students With Disabilities Who Study Abroad

A small group of young people stand or sit watching a woman who is presenting to them inside an office.

NCDE to Present at AHEAD 2022

Justin presenting PPT with panelists at GSA_0

2022 Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD)

Thirty-five disabled women activists  will convene for the 10th International Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD) Exchange Program, to be held June 1 – June 18, 2022..
Group photo of WILD delegates and GDDI resource people

Webinar: Discover the Access to Exchange Summit (AES)


Webinar: Fulbright for Students with Disabilities

Sheila presenting in front of a screen

Webinar: Fulbright for Scholars with Disabilities

Hero Fulbright

“The Story of WILD” Global Video Launch


MIUSA/NCDE Presenting at Diversity Abroad and CCIS Conferences

New Orleans buildings painted in pastel pinks and yellows with balconies adorned with plants

Webinar: Professionals with Disabilities in Global Careers


Webinar: Scholarships for U.S. Students to Go Abroad

Three young women stand on a high ledge facing out towards the view

Joining Hands Virtual Symposium- August 12-21, 2020


Musical Performance at the Shedd Institute


WILD Strategic Planning Forum in Bangkok

Group photo of WILD Asia delegates holding certificates of completion

Gilman-MIUSA Webinar for International Education Week (IEW)

Man standing and speaking to a classroom; text "Gilman Scholarship" written over image.

Disability Dialogue and Strategies at CIEE’s Annual Conference

"CIEE 2019 CIEE Annual Conference Brooklyn; Study Abroad 2019; November 6-8, 2019" written over colorful, graffiti background

Twitter Chat on People with Disabilities in #GlobalCareers

Blue background with white #GlobalCareers Twitter Chat, with Twitter logo in the letter O

CSIET Session on Supporting Secondary Exchange Students with Disabilities

Group of high school students with disabilities representing different races, countries, cultures, smiling on basketball court as a group next to older man in wheelchair

Taking a Ride to the Abilities Expo -Boston!

Two people ride on tandem bicycle on a paved path.

Webinar: Studying Abroad in Japan with ADHD


Webinar: U.S. Community Colleges and Benefits for International Students with Disabilities

Three women wearing traditional African clothes stand at an info table in a large expo hall with another woman sitting behind table.

AHEAD of the Curb: Promoting Better Practices Towards Inclusion of Deaf Exchange Participants

Michelle and Becca stand side by side holding their new Deaf Resource guide

#MIUSAMeetup 2019: Sharing our Passion for International Exchange

Large room with many people having engaging discussions, including many people with disabilities.

Moving with the Movement: A MIUSA Celebration and Fundraiser


Disability Presentations at the Women Deliver Conference

Black and white photo of three women smiling and speaking closely

Susan Sygall to Present at UW’s Inclusive Development Workshop

Photo of cherry blossoms overlaid with Washington logo and text: University of Washington, Henry Jackson School of International Studies; Disability Inclusive Development Initiative (DIDI)

MIUSA Open House 2019

FLEX YES challenge course - Group of 20 or so teens of different races and genders, with apparent and non-apparent disabilities

Webinar: Traveling with a Personal Attendant Between the USA and Other Countries

Abilgail Lehner profile photo

2019 WILD Advances Disabled Women’s Leadership

Two young black women face each other, smiling, as they clasp hands and stroll through a forested green landscape

Feel the Power this International Women’s Day


Global Leadership, Learning, and Change at NAFSA 2019

All NAFSA attendees are welcome to join MIG Co-Chair Justin Harford and others passionate about enhancing access to international education for students and staff with disabilities. Discuss updates, share resources and good practices, and network with fellow champions.
Five individuals stand next to each other in a hallway: a white man holding a white cane; a young white-appearing woman, a black man of short stature; a white woman, and a white woman who is low vision

MIUSA to DREAM Network: “Access the World!”

A young white woman holds a white cane. Behind her is the Great Wall of China

Discussing Inclusion at Community Colleges for International Development (CCID)

Student, who uses a power wheelchair, poses next to "University of Hawaii Kapi'Olania Community College" sign outside.

Disability and Innovation Session at CIEE Conference on Global Education


MIUSA to Exhibit at Virtual Fair for Disabled (& Proud!) College Students

A young woman wearing sunglasses stands on a wooden deck that overlooks the ocean. She faces sideways. Mountains are visible in the background.

Universal Design Presentation at NAFSA Region I Conference

Group of a dozen young adults - men and women, people of color and white, and more - making glamorous or smiling poses in a jungle or forest setting

Partnership Event with Gallaudet University to Go Global

Image of Globe with text: "Sponsored by: The Office of Research Support and International Affairs and The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange. Go Global Fair. Learn to Explore the World.

Spreading the Word of International Exchange at APRIL

A young man seated in motor scooter with local children and adults in Cyprus

Roundtable Consortium Convene to Create Solutions for Access to Exchange

21 RTC members smile and pose together in front of wall designed with a world map.

MIUSA, PACER Center and Accessible College hosted a webinar for parents


Gender, Disability and Development Institute 2019

Islamic Relief USA logo in dark blue and white

Arrival Orientation for International High School Students

A large group of students pose, smiling, in a forest

Ambassadors of International Opportunities Exhibit at NCIL

Three people group together smiling at camera. A young man in front holds open a magazine in which he is pictured.

Webinar: How to Volunteer, Intern or Work Abroad with a Disability


RightsNow! Activities in Mexico

Members of RightsNow and the Mexican organization MADIJAL sit at a conference table together during a planning meeting. Susei Grimes speaks into a microphone and is surrounded by at least five more women.

MIUSA and College Diabetes Network (CDN) Host Webinar on International Exchange with T1D


Gender, Disability and Development Institute in Sri Lanka

Discussion in field

International Women’s Day: Honoring Disabled Women Activists

Cheering women with disabilities. Photo by Darcy Kiefel.

Regional WILD-Asia

A group of WILD delegates smile for the camera

2018 Joining Hands: A Symposium on Disability and Exchange

Joining Hands logo with 2 hands on a globe "July 17, 2018" Symposium on Disability Inclusion in International Exchange

Webinar: How to Study Abroad with a Disability


MIUSA to Welcomed Malaysian Exchange Student with a Disability to the U.S.

Two students eating pizza in a restaurant in NYC

Brilliant & Resilient on View at OSU

The photo exhibit displayed on easels

MIUSA Open House


Turning to Technology for Global Access

A teacher showing 3 international students a magnifier and iPad.

Regional Outreach for Global Impact

A young man wearing an ADA t-shirt displays a magazine that features him. A man and woman sit on either side. banner appears.

Supporting Independent Living in Pakistan

Group photo with delegates, MIUSA staff and Eugene community members all pointing up to their right.

Arrival Orientation for International High School Students

Group of student's at Spencer's Butte Challenge Course

Pathways to Inclusion at EducationUSA Forum 2017

MIUSA CEO and wheelchair rider, Susan Sygall, smiles next to EducationUSA banner.

Strengthening Disability Rights Advocacy and Law Capacity in Guatemala

Five people are seated around a table; the woman on the left is a wheelchair user; next to her are two men discussing a document; to their right are two women--one has sunglasses on

Global Perspectives on Independent Living at NCIL

WILD women visit LILA disability rights independent living black and white

Strengthening Implementation and Enforcement of Disability Rights Laws in Peru

Seven women (one with a cane) and one man stand and face the camera; a wheelchair user is seated at center--she is smiling

Fulbright Webinar for Scholars with Disabilities

Men and women holding a sign with Fulbright logo

InterAction Forum and Board Meeting, 2017

Men and women with disabilities in India gather outdoors for disability rights event

Getting AHEAD through International Exchange

In order to achieve equity in higher education, we must make sure that all opportunities are available to everyone regardless of disability or other characteristics. Join the 2017 AHEAD conference this July for a week in Orlando, Florida, where you can attend three sessions presented by Mobility International USA’s Project Coordinator, Justin Harford, and other higher education colleagues.
Blind man presenting in front of slideshow holding a cane

Brilliant and Resilient Portraits on Exhibit Summer 2017

This summer, the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA) in Eugene, Oregon exhibits “Brilliant and Resilient: Celebrating the Power of Disabled Women Activists.” The Brilliant and Resilient photo exhibit features a collection of professional images by world-renowned photographers and personal stories of an unparalleled group of women representing a variety of cultures, countries and disabilities. All are alumni of MIUSA’s Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). These emerging and established leaders have used determination, drive, and resilience to confront discrimination and make unique contributions in their communities and in the world. The exhibit is photographed by Brian Lanker, Darcy Kiefel, and Paola Gianturco. View the slideshow at the bottom of this page for a glimpse of select portraits.
Three portraits of women: a woman in profile in black and white; a woman holding sign for "I Love You" and wearing colorful garment; a woman making victorious gesture

WILD – San Francisco

Fourteen young women with disabilities from the San Francisco Bay Area convened for an intensive, two-day training. The training was designed to increase leadership skills and disability pride, as well as explore opportunities to launch an international career. Following the training, MIUSA is providing stipends for graduates to multiply the impact of the workshop by conducting one two-hour session for other girls and women (with and without disabilities) in their communities.
Illustration of Golden Gate Bridge with two women with disabilities holding hands in front of it. The test says WILD San Francisco June 2-3, 2017. The MIUSA logo is in the upper lefthand corner.

MIUSA Welcomed a Russian College Student with a Disability to the U.S.

Student using a powerchair browsing books for sale on a table outside a shop

RightsNow! Team Meets with Disability Experts in Peru

RightsNow! representatives, and members of APRODEH and CODIP in outside meeting room of APRODEH's office in Lima (five women and one man standing in back; three women sitting in front)

RightsNow! Conducts Introductory Field Visit to Guatemala

RightsNow! team members, members of El Colectivo, members of the Disability Affairs Commission stand and smile for a photo in the entrance to the Guatemalan Congress

Civic Education Workshop

Group of students cheering with their hands raised in a conference room

Brilliant & Resilient Photo Exhibit in Panama

Photo exhibit attendees view the exhibition

ECA Youth Programs Annual Meeting

Group of youth sitting in a meeting

Addressing Access to English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL)

Full room of people at TESOL meet-up on disability inclusion.

“Championing Inclusion” at the Forum on Education Abroad

Crowd of over 20 young people, mostly non-disabled. Among them is a young man who uses a power wheelchair and his service dog.

Roundtable Consortium on International Exchange and Disability

Group of a dozen or so professionals seated around square formation of tables. A person in the foreground uses manual wheelchair.

Vietnam Disability Study Tour in Washington, DC

Vietnam delegates meet with Judy Heumann and Susan Sygall in DC

MIUSA Welcomed Malaysian Youth with Disabilities to the U.S.

MIUSA conducted a one-day arrival orientation in New York, NY, on January 20, 2017, for two high school exchange students with disabilities from Malaysia selected to participate in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. The students joined eleven academic-year YES students with disabilities already living and studying in host communities across the United States.
Hilmi and Syafiqah smile at airport

Equalizing the Field at NAFSA


Understanding Disability through a Diversity and Intercultural Lens

On an excursion in Spain - a group of American students from diverse racial/ethnic and disability backgrounds

Supporting Champions for Inclusion in Pakistan

Pakistani delegation stand outside the Ed Roberts Campus

A Conversation on Learning Disabilities & Study Abroad

Students in a classroom listening to a presentation

The Evolution of Study Abroad Programs


One Decade After the UN CRPD and Women and Girls with Disabilities

Lights of a pagoda are reflected by a pond at dusk

Language Learning: Conquering Disability Barriers of Another Kind

Young adults share with each other in a group activity

Women Remaking the World

three women singing and signing in sign language along to the lyrics

Exchanges for All: Disability Inclusion in ECA Exchange Programs


Brilliant & Resilient Exhibition Debuts at World Bank

Brilliant and Resilient exhibit displayed on easels

Advancing disability rights and leadership globally®

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