Exchange & Employability: Make the Connection for Disability Employment Month

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Going abroad launches careers for people with disabilities.
October 1, 2014 - October 31, 2014

Problem-solving. Resiliency. Confidence. Going abroad gives people with disabilities the opportunity to develop important professional skills, as well as other skills equally important to finding a career. In the workforce, having an international exchange experience under one's belt can help demonstrate traits highly valued in an employee.

For National Disability Employment Awareness Month, a national campaign recognizing the contributions of workers with disabilities, encourage people with disabilities to consider international exchange for professional development. Here's how.

Share Stories of Role Models

We make it easy for your career center, disability services office, or CIL to share stories and images of people with disabilities whose experiences abroad helped pave the way towards their careers, including:

Anais Keenon, who, after interviewing Ghanaians with disabilities on a summer internship, realized that disability inclusion was something she wanted to take on full-time. Anais is hard-of-hearing and works at IFES.

Rachel Garaghty, who conducted Master's-level research in Tanzania and now forms partnerships to increase education access to children with disabilities worldwide. Rachel has muscular dystrophy.

Haben Girma, whose experiences advocating for herself to volunteer in Mali nudged her towards a career in law. Haben is Deaf-blind.

Campaign images are available to download on Flickr to share via social media or your website, or you may download the PDF files to print. Be sure to include the image descriptions when sharing the images digitally so that all may access their message!

Give People the Resources to Get Started

Know someone who would like to launch their career their going abroad? Direct them to us! We can provide information on a wide range of issues related to disability, ranging from accessibility and funding to advocacy and arranging for disability accommodations.

Share Your Story!

Did your time studying, researching, volunteering, or teaching in another country set you down your career path? Tell us how!

Employment is an important issue to those of us in the disability community. Let's explore and celebrate the diverse ways in which people with disabilities can contribute not just as valued employees, but as global citizens.

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