Critical Language Scholarship Webinar for Applicants with Disabilities

Esha and 2 other teachers, in traditional Indian clothes, stand behind 8 young Indian students in a classroom.
Learn about the benefits of the Critical Language Scholarship and why this is an opportunity for ALL students!
November 5, 2015

Staff from the U.S. Department of State, Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), Mobility International USA (MIUSA), and a CLS alum speak about access to the Critical Language Scholarship for applicants with disabilities. 

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The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), is a fully-funded overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and building relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning.

“I want to be very active with Chinese and American relations, whether one-on-one, or at a greater scale. One of the first steps towards that is to learn the other country’s language. It helps my career, but it shows a bigger gesture of respect and encouraging good relations", Stephanie Collins, CLS-China alum with a disability

Webinar Overview:

  • Critical Language Scholarship: Program overview, critical languages, application process, and benefits
  • Learn about resources for applicants with disabilities
  • Hear from an alum about her CLS experience to China as a person with a disability

Learn more about the bknutson [at] (subject: CLS%20Webinar%20for%20Applicants%20with%20Disabilities) (Critical Language Scholarship Program).

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