Diverse Perspectives at AHEAD Conference

Group of international women, one who is blind, boarding public bus in U.S.
Our sessions added to the international perspectives to the 2015 Association on Higher Education and Disability International Conference.
July 14, 2015 - July 17, 2015

Going Beyond the ADA Case Studies: An Interactive Workshop

Concurrent Session, Wednesday, July 15, 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act: Inclusive Policy and Practice for Higher Education was published by NASPA in 2014, and featured contributions predominantly written by AHEAD members. The session was highly engaging, educational and fun on a variety of trending topics on post-secondary campuses, including study abroad. MIUSA staff facilitated discussions of case studies based on the book’s best practices and themes.

Co-presenters: Many of the original book contributors, including Michele Scheib from Mobility International USA

Welcoming and Effectively Including International Students with Disabilities in Your Institution

Concurrent Session, Thursday, July 16, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Just as students with disabilities should be effectively served by all campus offices, international students should be too. Disability professionals need to look at how their processes and services are meeting needs of international students with disabilities. Attendees learned strategies for student outreach and retention directly from disability and exchange professionals. They also engaged in small group discussions to figure out how and who would address needs of international students with disabilities during transitions to the U.S. campus when they arrive with gaps in their skills and resources. Video "It's Possible to Adapt to and Study in the U.S." from an international students with disabilities was also shown.

Copresenters: Michele Scheib, Mobility International USA, and Sue Jin Hee Lindgren, Disability Resource Center, Office for Equity and Diversity, University of Minnesota

Generation Access: Why You Should Know & Care About Study Abroad

Poster Session, Friday, July 17, 10:30 - 12:00 am

Hundreds of U.S. institutions committed to a Generation Study Abroad campaign to double the number of students studying abroad by 2020 with specific focus on diverse students. The posters look at statistics on demographics of students with disabilities in study abroad; how study abroad benefits students with disabilities; and the current trends and practical solutions Mobility International USA researches for disability professionals through its National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Attendees could engage with our just released videos, podcasts, and stories from our AWAY journal that capture the experiences and advice from study abroad alumni with diverse disabilities.

Handouts for all the sessions are available on the 2015 AHEAD Conference website.

Event location: 

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA