AHEAD of the Curb: Promoting Better Practices Towards Inclusion of Deaf Exchange Participants

Michelle and Becca stand side by side holding their new Deaf Resource guide
Staff from the NCDE, Gallaudet University, and Meridian International Center collaborated on a presentation for the inclusion of Deaf exchange participants.
July 11, 2019 - July 13, 2019

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) was represented at the 2019 convention of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) by Program Coordinator Justin Harford.

Our session on the disability access advisor's role in supporting the inclusion of deaf students in overseas programs, presented with Michelle Morris from Meridian International Center and Becca Aburakia-Einhorn from Gallaudet University, was well received. The audience consisting of staff and directors of disability service offices brought a wealth of good questions and experience to enrich the discussion.

Before the conference, Justin visited the Perkins School for the Blind, where he learned about their latest push to prepare blind and visually impaired high school graduates for college success.

Conference Session: Increasing Access to Study Abroad for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students

July 11, 2019 11:00 AM-12:30 PM


Michelle Morris, Meridian International Center

Michelle Morris is an international educator and global citizen who has studied, worked and volunteered in over 10 different countries across Europe and Asia. The Gallaudet University alum is fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable in the sign languages of Korea, China, Indonesia, Germany and India. She presented her experiences as a keynote speaker at NCDE's 2018 Joining Hands Symposium and will present at CIEE's annual conference in November 2018 about "Leveraging Technology for Accessibility: Study Abroad for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students."

Becca Aburakia-Einhorn, Gallaudet University

Becca AbuRakia-Einhorn is Coordinator of Education Abroad at Gallaudet University. Becca holds an M.A. in International Affairs from the American University School of International Service and an MPA from the American University School of Public Affairs. She Presented on a NAFSA national panel in Philadelphia in May 2018 titled, "The ADA and The Curb-Cut Effect focusing on disability and ADA issues in International Education." She also presented at CIEE's annual conference in November 2018 for a presentation titled "Leveraging Technology for Accessibility: Study Abroad for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students" and was recently awarded NAFSA's "Rising Star Young Leader" award, which is given annually in recognition of a professional who has impacted the field of international education during the first five years of the recipient's area of work.

Learn more about AHEAD and Perkins School for the Blind.

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Boston, MA