Webinar: Traveling with a Personal Attendant Between the USA and Other Countries

Two women stroll through a university campus surrounded by buildings; one woman uses a power wheelchair and the other walks beside her.
People with physical disabilities requiring the support of a PA must navigate a maze of financial concerns and visa applications to avoid interruptions in PA services.
April 30, 2019

That is why, in the spring of 2019, NCDE held a panel discussion on how individuals with disabilities can go abroad with all of the personal care supports they might require.

Access the recording through YouTube and transcript under documents.


Justin Harford

Justin is a Program Coordinator with the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, working to increase the participation of people with disabilities in international exchange by providing information and resources to both individuals with disabilities and international professionals. Previously, Justin worked for two years in disability community organizing and policy in the foothills of Northern California. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Latin American History and Spanish Literature from University of California, Berkeley. He studied abroad at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago Chile, where he researched and wrote a thesis on the history of the blind in Chilean society. In 2008, he spent 10 weeks immersing himself in the culture and language of Michoacan, Mexico.

Abigail Lehner

Abby is thrilled to be participating in another MIUSA Webinar! Abby is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where she studied Communication & International Affairs. During her college experience, she was able to travel to Berlin, Germany to participate in the global internship program by CIEE. Staying true to her passion for travel and education, she now works as a Communications Coordinator at CIEE, Portland, ME. Diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Abby has had to navigate various travel methods as a person with a physical disability who uses a wheelchair. One of these challenges was finding a way to bring a personal care assistant with her during her Berlin internship. She is excited to share her knowledge with others who are interested in the question of how to bring an assistant abroad.

Sergio Taleisnik

Sergio is from Argentina and is studying a graduate program in aeronautics in Florida. He has a spinal cord injury and brought from Argentina a personal assistant with him. After almost two years of experience, Sergio now has a working knowledge of all the legal requirements necessary for bringing and keeping a foreign personal assistant in the US.