MIUSA to DREAM Network: "Access the World!"

A young white woman holds a white cane. Behind her is the Great Wall of China
Stephanie Collins, pictured here on the Great Wall of China, will reflect on her study abroad experiences and beyond.
As part of DREAM's Mentor Monday webinar series, staff from MIUSA and an international exchange alum with discuss accessing international exchange opportunities with U.S. college students with disabilities.
March 4, 2019

More than ever, students with disabilities are taking advantage of the same opportunities abroad that non-disabled students pursue, gaining personal and professional skills in the process. And they’re not just sticking to the traditional destinations! Students with diverse types of disabilities have taken Hindi lessons in India; conducted thesis research in Trinidad; interned abroad in South Africa.

MIUSA is honored to explore the world of options for international exchange with the DREAM Network, a national organization for and by college students with disabilities. The presentation, titled "Access the World! Advancing Your Goals through International Exchange," will take place via webinar as part of DREAM's Mentor Monday series on Monday March 4, 2019.

Stephanie Collins, an international exchange alum with a disability will reflect on her study and intern abroad experiences in China and England, while Ashley Holben of MIUSA will describe resources for exploring international opportunities and planning for disability access.

The webinar is open to all postsecondary students for free. Visit the DREAM website to register.

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