Advancing disability rights and leadership globally¬ģ

International Disability Rights & Advocacy

Globally, people with disabilities have a critical role to play in the growth and development of strong communities and governance. People with disabilities are powerful leaders influencing national policies, advocating for changes, organizing regional alliances and increasing their participation in mainstream development projects that directly impact their lives. Yet, disability communities are often overlooked and excluded.

MIUSA engages disabled leaders at the core of all development, governance and humanitarian efforts, and provides tailored consultations, technical assistance, resource materials and field-based trainings to Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), development practitioners, governments, lawyers, civil society and allies around the world to strengthen implementation of inclusive and disability-led development projects.

From cross-sector support for gender based violence survivors during COVID, to developing national laws and policies for rights-based legislation, to cross-disability and cross-sector coalition building for women’s health and reproductive rights, MIUSA infuses a disability-led approach. We also foster partnerships and collaboration across communities and countries, providing opportunities to learn, develop and grow as a thriving society


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Excellence in Development and Disability Inclusion (EDDI) is MIUSA’s membership-based group working toward inclusive international development. Member organizations are NGOs and others who are committed to access and ensuring that their programs are reaching people with disabilities.

Advancing disability rights and leadership globally¬ģ

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