A group of women with and without disabilities pose for a group photo in an office

Leading for Independent Living: Building Resources and Partnerships for Inclusive Communities in Armenia

The mission of Leading for Independent Living is to empower people with disabilities in Armenia to live independently, advocate for their rights, and participate fully in their communities. Achieving inclusive communities in Armenia requires a critical mass of people with disabilities who are informed about their rights and empowered to claim them. Individuals with disabilities must have access to resources for education, employment, health care, and to peers and mentors who model rights-bearing attitudes.

Large room with many people having engaging discussions, including many people with disabilities.

Share Your Global Career Story!

People employed in fields such as international exchange, foreign affairs, and international development are shaping the world, from building schools to promoting peace and intercultural understanding among nations. Now imagine if more people with disabilities filled these positions. Would the world they shape be more inclusive, accessible and just?

Portrait of Marca Bristo smiling

MIUSA Honors the Legacy of Marca Bristo

It is with great sadness but also with great respect and admiration that we honor the legacy of Marca Bristo. She was a fearless disability rights leader who united people around the world so that strategies, accomplishments, and challenges could be shared among the international disability movement.

We will miss Marca but hope that our efforts to make this a more just and equitable world will be a testament to Marca’s tireless efforts that paved the way. 

5 WILD delegates – all of whom are women who represent different countries and diverse disabilities, ethnicities, and backgrounds – gather in a conference room holding a large hand-written sign that reads #ADA29. Some women have assistive devices such as white canes, crutches or wheelchairs, while others have non-apparent disabilities. Attire includes “business casual,” jeans and t-shirts, and clothing that is reflective of the women’s respective regions, countries or cultures. They wear cheerful expression

International Visitors Celebrate 29 Years of the ADA

For 29 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has prohibited discrimination based on disability. This summer, 22 disabled women leaders from 22 countries participating in Mobility International USA’s 2019 Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD) are exploring the many rights and opportunities which are now available because of the ADA and the activists who fought for it.

Angel poses with a large group of diverse students in a hotel lobby.

Clearinghouse Ambassador Adds Deaf Perspective to Diversity Abroad Summit

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (Clearinghouse) often seeks to engage exchange alumni who are Deaf or with disabilities to share their stories and experiences from their programs with a wider audience. The Clearinghouse also seeks to find leadership opportunities, such as speaking at conferences, webinars, and also share internship/job opportunities with alumni in the international exchange field. 

A young man, who uses a power wheelchair, wears his graduation regalia and crosses stage to receive diploma.

Community College Focus on Internationalization and Inclusion

U.S. community colleges provide a wide range of academic and professional programs, and are increasing internationalization efforts across campus! These community colleges are eager to join the ranks of institutions with increasing participation in international exchange programs for both American and international students, and want to know how to best recruit, advise, and plan for disability-related accommodations.