A group of people, including a woman who is blind, under a waterfall with rock climbing gear on

Challenge by Choice

In the years I have led disability leadership programs for young leaders with all types of disabilities to places far and wide. Camping under the stars (and bugs!), rolling along on a ferry boat, and pushing to the top of a medieval castle were all part of the program. Was access perfect? No. Were some students more adventurous than others? Yes.

Two women who are wheelchair users hold hands up in success

Thank the Champions

For every disability rights activist like you, there is someone else who truly heard what you were advocating. Maybe it took a lot of repeated conversations or different approaches, or maybe this person believed what you had to say the first time.

Perhaps this someone was the focused target of your efforts, or the person who listened quietly nearby. Who were these people you convinced with your eloquent truths? They are your fellow champions, whether or not they also had a disability.