Winter 2022 Access to Exchange Externs

Meet our eight Access to Exchange Externs for Winter 2022! Our third cohort is comprised of people with disabilities around the world who are alumni of both inbound and outbound international exchange programs. These externs will work on their own virtual outreach projects to promote the participation of people with disabilities in international exchange opportunities. Their projects will include webinars, blogs, and a disability culture information hub. 

Colorful mural of disabled women activists reads "Loud, Proud and Passionate!" in multiple languages

International Women's Day 2022

On March 8th, International Women's Day, we celebrate the hundreds of disabled women leaders from 89 countries who have participated in MIUSA’s Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). We invite you to join us in honoring these leaders and change-makers with disabilities!

Here are some ideas to get started:

Susan smiling in front of bright flowers

Global Ties U.S. honors Susan Sygall as one of the recipients for the 2022 Citizen Diplomat Award

Anouncement from Global Ties U.S.

Global Ties U.S. is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022 Citizen Diplomat Award: disability rights activist Susan Sygall, and Washington, DC-based organization Life Pieces to Masterpieces, for their deep commitment to public diplomacy and their social impact on communities in the United States and abroad.

NCDE Spearheads Initiative on Campus Internationalization and Disability

"Internationalization is the conscious effort to integrate and infuse international, intercultural, and global dimensions into the philosophy of postsecondary education. Successful internationalization efforts involve active and responsible engagement of the academic community in partnerships and global networks." - NAFSA

A woman in a wheelchair receives a COVID vaccination shot

People with Disabilities Leading Inclusive Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal

In Nepal, and throughout the world, people with disabilities have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lack of access to accurate information about health and safety protocols, emergency supplies, quarantine locations, medical facilities, and support systems has put people with disabilities in a highly vulnerable situation. To respond to this global challenge, people with disabilities are leading the way.

A blind woman types using adaptive technology device.

Uplifting All Women through the Power of Technology: A MIUSA and World Pulse Partnership

World Pulse is a global social network powered by women from more than 220 countries. Through their growing web-based platform, women are speaking out and connecting to create solutions from the frontlines of today’s most pressing issues. Their mission -- to create a world where all women thrive: one click, one comment, one connection at a time. World Pulse recently made a commitment to ensure disability inclusion was more intentionally part of their core values and mission.

A crowd of Pakistani women, including women in wheelchairs, holding up signs.

In 2022, Celebrate Not Just Inclusion, But Leadership

As we continue to celebrate MIUSA’s 40th anniversary of advancing disability rights and leadership globally® this year, we want to acknowledge disability activists throughout the world – including our thousands of alumni in over 135 countries - and their allies working to make this a more just world. 

Our vision for the new year is that, in the fields of international development and international exchange, there will be greater emphasis on not only including people with disabilities, but building the pipeline of disabled leaders in those spaces.