Be Bold, Be WILD on International Women’s Day

Three WILD women laughing and smiling
Women with disabilities need to be bold - on a daily basis - to fight against discrimination and preconceived notions that can limit our potential. The days of lowered expectations are being shattered!

Disabled women throughout the world are leaders -- as elected government officials, executive directors of NGOs, CEOs, artists, activists, mothers, daughters, and sisters. 

On March 8th, International Women's Day, we honor all the disabled women activists and their allies throughout the world. We especially want to thank our 220 Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD) alumni from over 83 countries and our alumni who have led their own WILD trainings in their communities.

Here are some of the ways MIUSA is being bold to bring about change:

  • Our WILD women’s efforts on building the leadership pipeline for other disabled women and girls is a pathway to a more equitable world. Read stories about the recent trainings, WILD-Bangladesh and WILD-South Sudan.

  • We are pleased to launch the first WILD program for U.S.-based young women with disabilities in the San Francisco Area. The call for applications is announced today. Apply now for WILD – San Francisco!

  • Celebrating the achievements of women with disabilities throughout the world, the Brilliant & Resilient Photo Exhibit has travelled across the USA, Mexico, Brazil, and El Salvador. Next the exhibit goes to Panama! Read more about the Panama Photo Exhibit Event. 

Here are some ways you can join us!

  • Bring the WILD experience to your next event by hosting the Brilliant & Resilient photo exhibit. Host the exhibit.

  • Finally, our dream is to host another International WILD program in 2018 in Oregon. Please donate to the women's leadership fund to continue to build the pipeline of leaders changing the world. Donate to WILD.

We will be “Loud, Proud and Passionate!®” and will work tirelessly until all women and girls with disabilities take their rightful place as honored citizens and leaders in every society.

Be bold for change! We are ready...