Clearinghouse Ambassador Adds Deaf Perspective to Diversity Abroad Summit

Angel poses with a large group of diverse students in a hotel lobby.
Angel (back row, second from left) joined with other study abroad alumni at the Global Student Leadership Summit.
"We need more Deaf people to empower others and there are many enthusiasts like me out there who want to change the world for better!"

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (Clearinghouse) often seeks to engage exchange alumni who are Deaf or with disabilities to share their stories and experiences from their programs with a wider audience. The Clearinghouse also seeks to find leadership opportunities, such as speaking at conferences, webinars, and also share internship/job opportunities with alumni in the international exchange field. 

This year, the Clearinghouse and Gallaudet University co-sponsored a Gilman Scholarship alum, Angel Cloud, to attend Diversity Abroad's annual Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) in March 2018! The goal was to invest in the leadership development of Deaf students who are alumni of international exchange programs to further empower more Deaf students to participate! 

Angel Cloud received the Gilman Scholarship to study at the Siena School Deaf Studies program in Sienna, Italy. 

Read Angel's note about his experience at the GSLS below and his video testimonial of his "life changing experience" of 2018!

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Video Transcript:

"Hello, my name is Angel Cloud and I’m about to graduate from Gallaudet University in May. I’m currently a senior in the undergraduate college and I want to share my life changing experiences since 2018 with you.

In the beginning, I applied and received a Pell grant and then applied for a Gilman Scholarship, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. I joined my hearing peers as a competitive candidate in the application process for the scholarship. I began processing my application for the Gilman Scholarship Program with the department of Education Abroad at Gallaudet University and I hoped I would get full-scholarships for my study abroad in Italy. I wanted to go to Italy, and to study at the Siena School for Liberal Arts Deaf Studies program. I would have an opportunity to meet new Deaf people, reside in Italy, and learn their culture in Italy. I won the Gilman Scholarship and I went to Italy last summer in 2018, starting on June 16th!

I arrived Italy for the first time and I’ve never been there before. The Gilman Scholarship Program made this happen for my lifetime study abroad experience in Italy! When I was there, I learned so many things and saw rich historical buildings that still stand to this day. I also visited museums and different places in Italy, I loved all of it! Italian culture enriched my life and now this led to the next new opportunity in 2019!

I was fortunate enough to be nominated to be an ambassador for National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (Clearinghouse) and with department of Education Abroad at Gallaudet University. With their support, I attended the Diversity Abroad - Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) in Boston for a leadership training to be Global Student Leader!

The training was for four days and I met so many diverse students from different universities.  They came here together, and we all became equipped with skills to empower future diverse generations for global opportunities. During the conference, I had a chance to dig deep into my identity and my life connection with global experiences and once again I found my strength to empower others.

In this way, I can share my knowledge and experience to future generations. This applied to the Gilman Scholarship Program, which supports people whom are underrepresented and come from low income backgrounds. Of course, you must be U.S.. citizen to apply for this scholarship and, if you are selected, you can receive the scholarship!

I’ve won one [Gilman Scholarship] and I’ve won another one [being selected to attend the GSLS Summit]! Each winning equals a top-notch lifetime experience! I’ve won and you can apply!

We are the same and you can win scholarships! This will bring a new opportunity for you head on! Do not miss your opportunity!"

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Angel's GSLS Experience:

"My name is Angel Cloud and I attended the Global Student Leader Summit (GSLS). I’m an ambassador for the department of Education Abroad at Gallaudet University and National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (Clearinghouse) with Mobility International USA (MIUSA). At the GSLS conference, I learned about Diversity Abroad and started to understand what it is to be a global leader. I want to bring the change and great improvement in the Deaf community in other countries that are underprivileged and underrepresented in the world. 

During the conference, I was enriched by many great leaders and they all have similar dreams of fighting barriers in their community. I realized that we can build better places for others and we have the power to empower others. It’s also great to see others who recognize their privilege that they have the power to empower others through language. For instance, I am pursuing career in teaching, and I traveled to Italy. I lived in Italy for summer school and I learned so much. I also met many Italians who reside in the Siena Province and I attended the Siena School Deaf Studies program. I learned Italian sign language and I also learned how to write Italian language.

This program enriched my life in many ways and now I also have Global Student Leader Summit training, which equipped me with tools of empowering. I would encourage the Clearinghouse continue to sponsor alumni who is Deaf or with disability to attend the Diversity Abroad Leadership Summit! We need more Deaf people to empower others and there are many enthusiasts like me out there who want to change the world for better!"