In 2022, Celebrate Not Just Inclusion, But Leadership

A crowd of Pakistani women, including women in wheelchairs, holding up signs.
By Susan Sygall, CEO, Mobility International USA

As we continue to celebrate MIUSA’s 40th anniversary of advancing disability rights and leadership globally® this year, we want to acknowledge disability activists throughout the world – including our thousands of alumni in over 135 countries - and their allies working to make this a more just world. 

Our vision for the new year is that, in the fields of international development and international exchange, there will be greater emphasis on not only including people with disabilities, but building the pipeline of disabled leaders in those spaces.

For us, there is nothing more powerful and emotional than hearing our MIUSA alumni, who are prominent leaders in their countries, repeat the words “disabled women leaders...leading the way.” That's why, on December 3rd - International Day of Persons with Disabilities - we launched our new video, Women with Disabilities Leading the Fight Against Gender-based Violence during the Pandemic. This video includes international sign language and audio description, as well as versions in French, Mongolian, Portuguese, and Sinhalese. 

Join all of us at MIUSA in celebrating this important work, and please consider donating to MIUSA so we can continue to Create a World as it Should Be.®