NCDE Spring 2021 Webinar Series

Stylized bubble letters read "Greetings from Travelers Abroad: Life after exchange" with images of travelers with disabilities filling in the letters of 'Abroad"
This season we focus on youth, connecting with disability communities abroad, and an insider's guide to international exchange.

The NCDE is excited to bring you its upcoming Spring Webinar Series. This season we hear from diverse alumni with disabilities of youth exchange programs, get the answers to our most burning disability-related questions straight from International educators, and learn about how to take an exchange experience to the next level by connecting with disability communities abroad.

March: "Never Too Early: Youth with Disabilities Abroad"

Every year, people with different kinds of disabilities study and volunteer abroad, but how do they do it? Justin will talk with a group of international exchange alumni representing different disability and program experiences about the opportunities for young disabled people to study or volunteer abroad, how they made it work and what they personally have gained from their times abroad.

April: "People with Disabilities: Insider’s Guide to the World of International Exchange"

Though there are opportunities for people with disabilities to study or volunteer abroad alongside nondisabled peers, some don't know where to start. Others don't know these opportunities exist. Justin will speak with a panel of representatives from well-known international education organizations about the extraordinary opportunities available for people with disabilities in international education. The panel will discuss scholarships, exchange opportunities and disability related concerns like reasonable accommodations, disclosure and accessibility abroad.

May: "Connecting with Disability Communities Abroad"

Sometimes discussions of disability and international exchange can focus too much on the deficits, without noting that disability can also be a key to a more enhanced experience unavailable to one's nondisabled peers. There are disability communities in every country, and having a disability gives one an automatic in to these networks. As a result it can sometimes be easier for people with disabilities to integrate into their local communities. In this webinar, a panel of exchange alumni talk about how they connected with disability communities abroad and how you can do the same.

Stay tuned to this page for panelist and registration details coming soon!