Global Ties U.S. honors Susan Sygall as one of the recipients for the 2022 Citizen Diplomat Award

Susan smiling in front of bright flowers

Anouncement from Global Ties U.S.

Global Ties U.S. is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022 Citizen Diplomat Award: disability rights activist Susan Sygall, and Washington, DC-based organization Life Pieces to Masterpieces, for their deep commitment to public diplomacy and their social impact on communities in the United States and abroad.

Nominated by WorldOregon, a Global Ties Network Community-Based Member organization, Susan Sygall is a disability rights activist and expert in the areas of international education, international development, and inclusive leadership for people of all abilities. She is also the CEO and co-Founder of Mobility International USA (MIUSA), a disability-led nonprofit and Global Ties Network National Member headquartered in Eugene, OR advancing disability rights and leadership globally.

Susan regularly meets with individuals around the world to share her story, the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the United States’ journey to advance the rights of those with disabilities.

“Through sharing time and expertise with her international counterparts, she is strengthening relationships between the United States and disability rights leaders abroad to make positive change locally and globally,” said Amy Barss, Director of International Visitors and Training Programs at WorldOregon, on nominating Susan for this award.

Susan has been a professional resource for International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) meetings for more than 20 years, connecting both Global Ties Network Community-Based Members with resources on disability rights and community activism, and creating opportunities for students of all abilities to study abroad through MIUSA’s National Clearinghouse on Disability Exchange.

For her life-long work to advance inclusivity and equity for people of all abilities, we are honored to present Susan with the 2022 Citizen Diplomat Award.