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Make #Access2USA A Reality

Are you a person with a disability that has thought about studying in the United States, but had some doubts about how it could happen? Yes?

Record high numbers of international students are coming to the United States to pursue higher education and to study English, but students with disabilities remain underrepresented among them. What’s stopping you? Reading this issue of A World Awaits You (AWAY) is a great place to start!

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange has launched the #Access2USA campaign to increase participation of international students with disabilities studying in the United States and wants you to start accessing all of the possibilities. And there are many!

This issue of the AWAY, includes stories from students with disabilities, including those who are blind, Deaf, or wheelchair users, and those who have learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury, that have studied in the United States. The students share information about the impact of their program and tips for future students.

Funding can be one of the biggest barriers to studying in the United States. Read stories of students who found scholarships to study, such as the Fulbright scholarship. This is one of many scholarships available to you! Read more to find further options.

Accessibility in one country can look very different in another. Find out what types of accessibility these students experienced and what types of accommodations are available when studying in the United States.

In order to qualify for many opportunities to the United States, English language is essential. Learn more about the resources and services with The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, such as finding online English classes and coming to study English in the United States to open further opportunities for you.

Together we have to focus on understanding and removing access barriers, educating overseas counterparts and prospective students on accessibility in the United States, and creating effective recruitment and accommodation strategies.

Join us to take part in the #Access2USA campaign to increase the participation of international students with disabilities studying in the U.S.A. and read and share our AWAY publication.

No matter what your disability, no matter where you are from, no matter what you would like to study, there are options and opportunities! The time is now to start your #Access2USA story!

Our goal is to empower people with disabilities to take advantage of the same international exchange opportunities as everyone else, navigating access barriers along the way. For over two decades, free services and resources have been made possible by the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, a project sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and administered by Mobility International USA.

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