MIUSA Statement on Justice, Rights, and Equality

We, MIUSA, are committed to taking this time to listen, to learn and to act.

Disrupting the status quo, through peaceful, collective actions that make some people uncomfortable, some angry, and some strengthened by finally being heard, is how institutional change often happens in the United States.

We know this, in part, through our personal and professional participation in the disability rights movement.  

At this moment in the U.S., we are experiencing an uprising, a boiling over of outrage over the recent, racist murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery as well as countless others throughout the history of this country. 

We are in solidarity with those protesting loudly and peacefully to bring about meaningful change, to transform systems that perpetuate racism and oppress Black people and other people of color in the U.S. 

As an international disability rights organization, we bring thousands of people with and without disabilities from around the world to the U.S., to experience the progress made over decades of activism by disabled people for justice, rights and equality.   

However, we recognize that before we can hold up the U.S. as a model of disability justice, we must take responsibility for peacefully disrupting the status quo, to end institutional racism and ensure justice for all people. 

We recognize the intersectionality of the fights against racism and disability oppression, and that the leadership of disabled people of color must be elevated in this and all movements for change.  

We, MIUSA, are committed to taking this time to listen, to learn and to act.  

Susan Sygall, MIUSA CEO