If It's Your Dream, It's Achievable

Inocencio in a black jacket and hat waves on a winter day
New videos highlight the experiences of four individuals with disabilities on their opportunity to travel to the U.S. for university study.

Whether it's being selected to receive a Fulbright student scholarship or enrolling directly in a U.S. university - these newly released videos show not only the pathways to get to the U.S. but the cultural, personal, and educational benefits of the experience. Four individuals with different disabilities share about accessibility they found on U.S. campuses, and skills they learned when living far from home.

The interviewees include:

  • Laila Farooq, who has albinism, traveled from Pakistan to study Political Science in Missouri
  • Inocencio Zandamela, who is Deaf, traveled from Mozambique to study Educational Psychology in New York
  • Pedro Castillo, who is an amputee, traveled from Colombia to study Screenwriting in Illinois
  • Nailah Clinton, who has a learning disability and attention deficit, traveled from Trinidad and Tobago to study Educational Psychology in New York

All captioned videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel "miusa1981" and at the links below. Also if needed, download the transcripts under Documents.

Bridging Differences at Home and in the USA

Inclusion in the Fulbright Program

Gaining Independence in the USA

Learn more about our #Access2USA campaign to encourage more people with disabilities from around the world to pursue their dreams of international study.