People-to-People Exchanges2,300 Alumni with and without disabilities from over 135 countries

MIUSA implements short-term international exchange programs in the United States and abroad and has worked with over 2,300 alumni with and without disabilities from over 135 countries. These alumni leaders are part of a global MIUSA family. Our unique programs focus on youth, young adults, parents, professionals and women in a world where people with disabilities commonly face discrimination, barriers and isolation, especially as they become leaders. These alumni leaders are part of a global MIUSA family. As “change agents,” MIUSA continues to utilize their leadership skills as consultants and trainers throughout the world. During our intensive programs, delegates share information, stories and strategies to find innovative ways to make changes in their communities. We live by the motto: Challenge Yourself and Change the World!®.

From living with homestay families to participating in community service projects; from climbing ropes high in the treetops to rafting down rapids; from interactive workshops on parenting to seminars on political processes; from utilizing the media for creating positive images of our aspirations to forming action plans to revolutionize what is possible for people with disabilities: this is what MIUSA exchange programs are all about. The MIUSA exchange experiences changes each of us: on a personal level by developing self-confidence, on a political level by developing a rights-based philosophy and on a global level by networking with disability groups around the world.

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