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Mentoring the Next Generation of Women Leaders

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Disability Rights Leader and 2003 WILD alumna from Peru, Madezha Cepeda, shares her WILD impact story and how she is mentoring the next generation of women leaders with disabilities.

I was born with a visual disability and became totally blind by the age of 28. Over the course of my life I developed a strong desire to contribute to my country and strengthen the disability movement in Peru.

After returning home from WILD, I was very inspired and empowered to do many things. Being in contact with women with disabilities from other countries, who have rich and varied experiences, gave me new energy and motivated me to achieve my dreams.

My proudest achievement was the formation of an association of women with all kinds of disabilities called MUSAS – Women Who Inspire Change.

We began by engaging in activities to make a presence in the women’s movement. Today MUSAS is recognized by government and civil society for our successful advocacy on enforcement of the rights of people with disabilities. We address discrimination, violence, poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

Participating in WILD inspired me to make this dream happen. To ensure my organization endures and grows, I have also worked to mentor and develop the leadership skills of young women with disabilities. Recently, I passed on the responsibility to the next generation of young women who have accepted the challenge of leading the organization.

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