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Creative Ways to Get Around Abroad

Camel resting

Would you swap your wheels for a camel’s hump?

Whether trekking through dense jungles or scaling tall temples, traversing over tough terrain is sometimes necessary on our international adventures to see the hidden gems that aren’t accessible from the comfort of a smooth sidewalk: a waterfall, a rare butterfly, an ancient relic. To get up close and personal via wheelchair, there may be times when your wheelchair could use an upgrade – or times when you will have to ditch it altogether in favor of some more, um, alternative modes of transportation!

Scroll through our photo slideshow to see how other intrepid travelers with mobility disabilities have forged ahead on their international paths – by tractor, by piggyback, and even by yak!

(Tip: Click on the full-screen icon to read the photo captions and image descriptions, or view the gallery in Flickr. Captions and image descriptions also available in attached document.)

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