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Knowing What Disability Questions to Ask: Sample Accommodations Forms

Young foreign student with mobility disability talks with an advisor

While it’s difficult to plan for every access issue that may come up abroad, making an informed assessment can help lay the groundwork for a smoother journey.

Are you advising someone with a disability who is traveling abroad for your volunteer, study or professional program? Do you know what questions to ask to assist them in preparing for travel and living abroad related to their disability?

These access information forms provide starting points to learn more about what may be needed. The advisor guidelines also help know what the individual’s responses may mean and what follow-up questions you could ask. Download and adapt these for your own use; it may mean asking fewer questions on the forms and more in face to face conversations.

  • Have a conversation with the participant about her or his abilities and tolerances
  • Give general information on what to expect in the host location
  • See whether the individual can function in less than fully accessible situations or if he or she needs the situation to offer the accessibility he or she is used to
  • Ask what ideas the participant has for adaptations in the new situation or adaptations she or he has used at home or elsewhere
  • Explore the difference between accessibility wants and needs

Asking disability professionals to be in on the conversations, or making referrals to mental health or other professionals to have the follow-up conversations, may be the route some choose to go.

Download these under Documents on this page.

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