Common Questions

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See if we answered your question about finding exchange opportunities in the U.S.

“Can I go on a MIUSA exchange program?”

We occasionally offer disability-focused leadership exchange opportunities for people around the world. However these programs often have very strict eligibility criteria or are by invitation only. You can learn about upcoming MIUSA disability exchange programs by joining our Global Impact e-newsletter.

Because MIUSA exchange programs are so limited, we advise people with disabilities on how to apply for international exchange opportunities through other organizations and programs, even if the exchange program is not related to disability.

Have you looked at the different web pages under the Related Resources on "Finding a Program in the U.S."? If you choose an exchange program through a non-MIUSA organization, we can still help you plan for disability access.

“Which U.S. exchange program is right for me?"

Your options for U.S. exchange may be shaped by, but never limited by, your disability. In fact, people with disabilities have broad exchange options available to them. With proper planning, a person with a disability can do well, no matter what kind of program and goals they pursue. The program that is "right for you" will depend more on your interests and qualifications, and less on your disability.

"How can I find out about exchange opportunities and scholarships to the U.S. that I can apply for?"

The following websites frequently post information about exchange programs and scholarships. Check them often so you will never miss an update! We list some in the Related Links section below.

  • Exchange Organizations and Foundations
  • EducationUSA
  • U.S. Embassy website in your country
  • U.S. Department of State Exchanges
  • MIUSA Access to Exchange e-newsletter
  • MIUSA on Facebook
  • MIUSA on Twitter

"I found an exchange opportunity that interests me. What should I do now?"

Use these five steps:

  1. First make sure that you meet the program's eligibility requirements.
  2. Next, read the application instructions carefully before applying.
  3. Ask directly to the organization's program advisors about any questions you have about applying and/or request alternative formats if their application materials are not accessible to you.
  4. If you are accepted to the program, notify the program about any disability-related accommodations you will need right away so that they can plan for access.
  5. "Search our extensive resources" for tips to plan for your disability and more.

"I still have a question about doing international exchange in the U.S. with a disability. Who can I ask?"

Contact our staff through our Free Information and Referral Service.