Interconnected through Experiential Exchanges Infographic

Garrett Brumfield in his scooter interacts with young children in a Cyprus street.
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Explore the World. Create Access. Volunteer. Intern. Teach. Perform. Be a Part of the Circle of Change.

[Graphic: Three circles with one circle including and two circles showing photos of American exchange participants with disabilities.]

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Experience. Connect. Learn. Share. Go Abroad. You Won’t Regret it.

[Photo: American man in a scooter interacting with small children on a cobbled street in Cyprus.]

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Experiential exchanges. All ages, skills, disabilities. #MOREabroad #ExchangesAre not just study abroad!

Volunteer. Intern. Teach. Perform. These are your opportunities for global inclusion. #ActGlobal #DisabilityAbroad

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Recent Graduate. Retiree. Disabled. Missed the boat on study or work abroad? It’s not too late to volunteer, intern, and teach abroad!

[Photo: Deaf American volunteer points to a blackboard while deaf students in Ghana sit at desks watching.]

Artist. Athlete. Advocate. Citizen. Share and gain skills outside the USA! Disability access is possible.

[Graphic: The first four words are made into a larger size with different bright colors].

Fast Facts

22,181 postsecondary U.S. students participated in non-credit work, internships, and volunteering abroad in 2013/14. If equally represented, that would mean 2,000 U.S. students with disabilities did the same. (2015 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange)

[Graphic: Pie chart shows the figures]

Would you WIVA?

Work, Intern, Volunteer, Abroad

[Graphic: Each letter of WIVA is written in orange circles and passport is shown] [Photos: Ethnically diverse American youth and participants with disabilities are shown in outdoor and group settings.]

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