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A young American woman in a power wheelchair in a busy square in an Asian city.
A young American woman in a power wheelchair in a busy square in an Asian city.

You can and should apply for the same international exchange experiences as everyone else. People with disabilities are an essential part of any program.

Americans with disabilities are becoming international explorers through exchange opportunities that include both people with and without disabilities. All U.S.-based international exchange organizations are required to make their programs inclusive of people with disabilities.

Focus on programs that best fit your interests, academic goals, and professional aspirations. These include academic study abroad programs, fellowships, professional development programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities abroad.

We can then help you identify ideas and strategies for making these programs and locations accessible for your disability, if they are not already.

Does MIUSA have disability-specific programs?

Occasionally, we offer cross-disability leadership exchange programs aimed at advancing international disability rights and developing disability advocacy and leadership skills. These opportunities are limited and often require specific requirements, such as age, gender, nationality, or professional experience, in order to participate. Sign up for our monthly E-news or follow us on social media to learn of any upcoming opportunities.

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