Funded Programs to the U.S.

Three international men with disabilities clap and cheer.
Apply for a program that will cover your expenses to the U.S. as you advance your professional or academic goals.

Funded Exchange Program Basics

What it is: An academic or professional program that helps pay for some or all of the participants’ expenses, sometimes called a fellowship. In addition to tuition or host site placement fees, some funded programs cover expenses such as airfare, visa fees, transportation, housing, or health insurance for the exchange participant.

How it’s different from a scholarship: Unlike a scholarship, the organization that awards the funded exchange program often coordinates important aspects of the participant's exchange experience, such as getting a visa, site placement, and more.

Who can participate: Professionals, students, scholars, artists and athletes; People with and without disabilities can apply for and participate in the same exchange programs. Some exchange programs are only open to people with disabilities.

Who coordinates funded exchange programs: U.S. Department of State, private foundations, agencies, non-profit organizations

List of Funded Exchange Programs

Find some of the well known fellowships and other funded exchange programs to the U.S. listed in the Table of Contents.