People with Disabilities Needed in International Education Careers

A Middle Eastern woman and African American woman wearing professional attire lean towards one another in their wheelchairs smiling.
If you love meeting people from around the world or talking to people about international travel, consider a career in international education.
People with disabilities have unique experiences and expertise needed to shape the future of international education.

As part of our ongoing work on the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) project, we reach out to professionals in the international exchange field - from study abroad advisors to program administrators to faculty leaders - to broaden their understanding of disability inclusion and access and how it can increase the diversity of their participants.

But imagine if people with disabilities worked in these positions, designing and administering the programs that bring people across borders. Would the field look any different then? Would the international programs then become inherently more representative of people with disabilities too?

To change the field of international education to become more inclusive of people with disabilities, we need to widen the pipeline for people with disabilities to enter related careers so that there can be change from within.

That's why we invite people with disabilities to explore career opportunities in the field of international education and international affairs. As someone with a disability, you have unique experiences and perspectives that the field needs now more than ever in its quest to remove barriers to global competence and citizenship.

So, could a career in international education be for you?

Use the resources in the Table of Contents of this page to:

  • Browse success stories. You'll meet international education professionals and interns with disabilities and to get their take on the field's greatest challenges and rewards.
  • Explore international education internships, jobs, and professional networks that can help you get your foot in the door. We provide links to get you started!
  • Help build the pipeline of people with disabilities entering international education careers. We offer tips for international education organizations and professionals.