Locating Sign Language Interpreters in Non-U.S. Countries

A group of four women are communicating with each other in sign language.

In some cases, international exchange programs who are supporting Deaf/Hard of Hearing U.S. citizens abroad may decide to hire sign language interpreters in the destination country. Benefits may include reduced costs and the use of interpreters who have a familiar knowledge of the local language, culture, and Deaf community. However, be aware that most in-country sign language interpreters are trained only in the sign language of that country.

The following resources may be useful to you in locating a sign language interpreter in a non-U.S. country.

European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI)

A European membership-led organization of sign language interpreters consisting of national & regional associations with individual and associate members.

Overseas Interpreting

Provider of visual accessibility and communication logistics for signing academics, professionals, travelers and students abroad. They can provide on-site or remote sign language interpreters in any national sign language (including American Sign Language) and International Sign. They have extensive experience in supporting participants and students in international exchange programs and studies.

World Deaf Information Resource Project at Gallaudet University

A resource that can help you find contact information for international, national, and local-level Deaf organizations in about 150 countries.

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI)

The WASLI is focused on advancing the profession of sign language interpreting worldwide.