How To Prepare for Diversity

Austin Bates (left) who has diabetes with other diverse volunteers in Peru
Match the Disability to Accommodations

Do you know what to put in place at your program site to be best prepared? Can you match up the list of disabilities with the list of program accommodations? View the accessible PDF under Documents  for a designed version of the lists.


  • Autism
  • LD / ADHD
  • Intellectual
  • Mental health
  • Chronic health
  • Physical
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Non-disabled


  • Early arrival options
  • Health insurance options
  • Local connections
  • Academic options
  • Housing options
  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Assistance funds
  • Electronic handouts
  • Challenge by choice

You have it correct! Every possibility is a match, so you can’t get it wrong. For example, housing options may include equally affordable living spaces close to campus or on the ground floor for those with navigational challenges or fatigue issues, or single room options for those who need a space to decompress or manage their treatments.