5 Ways to Build Your Professional Experience

Two women signing. Photo by Melissa Mankins
Photo by Melissa Mankins
You know professional development is valuable for individuals and organizations, but how do you fit skill-building into your organization’s already tight budget and work load?

Use these five strategies to start making connections and securing funding to build staff skills and increase organizational impact.

  1. Become an active member of a coalition group in your community to expand your networks – this may include local chapters of international groups like Rotary clubs or mainstream groups a women’s organization.
  2. Submit a presentation proposal to an international conference: If accepted, this is a great opportunity to network with the non-disability or international community and an incentive for your organization to support your participation in the conference.
  3. Find specific funding for DPO capacity building, which may come from international organizations such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), British Council, or AusAid.
  4. Build connections with your government ministries and local government committees: Connect with governance bodies within your community to influence community and regional policy.
  5. Improve your language learning to include internationally recognized languages, such as English or Spanish, so that you qualify for more international grants, fellowships, and online networks.