Presentation Slides on Disability and Study Abroad

A young man wearing a blazer stands mid-presentation before a screen with "Generation Study Abroad" projected onto it. Two women are seated next to him.
We've made it simple for you to enhance your next presentation with these free downloadable slides.

If you attend conferences or host events related either to the disability community or study abroad field, why not bring the topic of people with disabilities going abroad into the fore? Let us get you started with Powerpoint slides ready to insert into your next presentation.

The slides cover:

  • An overview of the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) and examples of popular NCDE resources available on the MIUSA website
  • Examples of universities that include disability-inclusive language in their study abroad materials
  • Quotes and images from people with disabilities who have studied or volunteered abroad
  • A screenshot and link to the video "Passport to Possibilities"
  • Statistics on disability participation in study abroad
  • "Choose Your Own Adventure Abroad" quiz
  • Quick tips for travelers with disabilities

Images throughout the presentation include alt-text.

Get the link to download the Powerpoint file. You will be asked to respond to a few questions first.

Bonus: Once you have the file, review our quick tips for delivering an accessible presentation!