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Shannon, a wheelchair user, spreads her arms out at the top of the mountains in South Africa.
National Clearinghouse on Disability & Exchange: ACCESS THE WORLD!

Do you know about our National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange? Details from our brochure are below or download the designed brochure in accessible PDF document to read or share.  

Contact the Clearinghouse to request a text-only version in Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Vietnamese. Large print, accessible Word document is also available to download below. 

Make sure to visit the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange's main webpage for additional information and resources. 

National Clearinghouse on Disability & Exchange

Access the World

About Us

Increasing the participation of people with all types of disabilities in international exchange. 

The National Clearinghouse on Disability & Exchange, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by Mobility International USA, aims to increase participation of all people with disabilities in the full range of international exchange opportunities.

We provide tips and strategies for people with disabilities and international program staff on how to prepare for an inclusive international exchange.

Building bridges between the international exchange and disability communities.

Resources for Schools & Organizations

  • Free consultation on participant issues: “A blind student wants to go to Spain, where do I start?”
  • Assistance understanding participant rights: “What rights does an international student with a disability have in the U.S.?”
  • Trainings and collaborative initiatives
  • Materials and tools to plan for inclusion
  • Outreach: videos, posters, postcards, podcasts, publications, and more! 

“After talking to your staff and receiving many resources and contacts, I feel confident that our international office is on the right track to support our visiting international fellows to thrive during their program.”

Resources for Program Participants

  • Disability tipsheets for travel planning: “What should I bring with me abroad?”
  • Funding options to go abroad: “How can I afford it?”
  • Disability organizations worldwide to connect with before you go
  • Strategies from people with disabilities who have gone abroad
  • A World Awaits You (AWAY) publication: A Journal of Success in International Exchange for People with Disabilities

“As a wheelchair user who needs personal assistance, information like this makes me happy…I have always felt that overseas experiences were so far out of my reach and now I know what is possible.”

Discover a World of Opportunities: Volunteer, Study, Teach, Research, Intern

Tips for International Exchange Programs

  1. Add disability-inclusive language for outreach
  2. Share stories of people with disabilities on social media
  3. Educate staff on disability support
  4. Budget for reasonable accommodations
  5. Ensure equal access to your program

Tips for Participants with Disabilities

  1. Research funding options, including scholarships
  2. Learn about disability culture in your host country
  3. Connect with travelers with similar disabilities
  4. Confirm you have full insurance coverage abroad
  5. Create a back-up plan for emergencies

“All my life, people told me my disability would not stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do. Successfully completing a trip abroad allowed me to really believe that.” – Haben Girma

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Information provided throughout this publication has been compiled by the National Clearinghouse on Disability (NCDE), which is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and administered by Mobility International USA, to provide free information and referral services that increase the participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in international exchange programs.