Measuring the Impact of WILD

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Discover the impact of MIUSA's International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD).

"WILD has succeeded in raising strong and dynamic women who are assertive enough to engage their community leaders to promote the issues of women and girls with disabilities in their countries. I am such an example; my level of confidence has tripled since WILD."
- Ekaete Umoh, WILD Alumna from Nigeria

To date more than 220 women with disabilities from over 83 countries have participated in MIUSA's International WILD program. 

WILD women are change agents in their communities. They return home with specific plans and practical action steps for increasing inclusion and achievement of rights for women with disabilities at local, national and international levels. They are addressing critical issues, such as civil and human rights advocacy, reproductive health, education, literacy, economic empowerment, HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence.

As a result of just one WILD program (with an average of 30 participants):

  • 76% receive new funding or in-kind support, drawing on resources acquired through WILD.
  • More than 500 women with disabilities receive disability leadership training in their countries.
  • 92% of international development organizations make changes to be more inclusive in the programs, policies and practices.

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