Mentor Others to New Heights

View of an arched stone bridge from below
In anticipation of Disability Mentoring Day this October, MIUSA CEO Susan Sygall reflects on who can be a mentor and the people who have shaped her in this video blog.

I've been lucky to have not one but two mentors in my life. I'd say my parents are my mentors because my mom had such a positive "can-do" attitude, and my father also has such a passion for international activities and international travel. I feel I've combined those two things from my parents - both a positive approach for making things happen and a real global outlook in everything I do.

I'd like to think of myself as a mentor, especially to women and girls with disabilities because there have not been a lot of role models for disabled women and girls to aspire to leadership positions. If there's anything I can do to break open those barriers and make things possible for disabled women and girls so they can really take their place as leaders in the world community, then I am going to try to do that in my lifetime.

Anybody can be a mentor, if you think of a mentor as someone who's opening the way or paving the way for someone to be all they really can be. People can actually be mentors every day, in their everyday lives. You just need to be that solid person for someone to say "hey, what is it that you want to do with your life?" and ask yourself how can help them aspire to do it.

Pave the way for someone to achieve their aspirations! Visit the Disability Mentoring Day to find out how you can become a mentor.

Visual description of video: Camera fades in on Susan Sygall, who is seated before a sunny window and potted plants; final image is the MIUSA logo on a blue background. Play video in YouTube.


Susan Sygall