Brilliant & Resilient Photo Exhibit in Mexico

Ribbon cutting for inaguaration of Brilliant and Resilient Photo Exhibit in Mexico
Celebrating Brilliant & Resilient women leaders with disabilities in Mexico City
April 16, 2015 - April 19, 2015

More than 100 people from all regions of Mexico attended the international premiere on April 16, 2015 of the Brilliant & Resilient photo exhibition and workshop in Mexico City. The majority of attendees were emerging women leaders with disabilities.

The Brilliant & Resilient exhibit included powerful portraits and vignettes of 30 disabled women activists from around the world. The workshop was an opportunity for dialogue and building new partnerships between women leaders with disabilities and human rights, development and government agencies.

Culminating with an action planning session, attendees agreed to reconvene next year to review the progress they have made toward advancing rights and inclusion of women with disabilities. This event also marked the formal launch of a nationwide network of women with disabilities, the first of its kind.

This event was made possible through the sponsorship of the Channel Foundation, Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights and Mobility International USA (MIUSA).
We'd like to gratefully acknowledge Palo Alto Software for sponsoring the Spanish translation of the exhibit.

View the Photo Gallery Slideshow below from the event or open the event's album in Flickr to view the captions.

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Mexico City

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