Sharing Exchange Stories Through Film at AHEAD

Group of young women and men with and without disabilities lean in smiling and laughing
Reid Davenport (left foreground) and Ashley Holben (center) will co-present in Indianapolis
Through videos and documentary excerpts, a session at AHEAD will "zoom in" on disabled students' experiences going abroad.
July 12, 2016 - July 16, 2016

It takes a village to ensure that a student with a disability achieves her or his goal of studying abroad or participating in similar international experiences; however, that "village" doesn't always get to hear about the outcomes.

In order to fully appreciate the impact that international experiences have on the lives of students with disabilities – as well as the impact that those students have on their host communities abroad – it is important to give overseas program alumni a platform for sharing those experiences first-hand. Many organizations, higher education instititions, and individuals are using the power of video and film to document students’ overseas stories.

At the 2016 AHEAD conference, you're invited to join the session "Passport to Possibilities: Students with Disabilities Tell their International Exchange Stories Through Film."

This session - led by MIUSA staff, a higher education disability services professional, and a graduate student filmmaker with a disability - will screen several short videos from MIUSA and Stanford University documenting the stories of students with diverse disabilities who have studied internationally, ranging from Chile to Mali to France to the U.S. and more. The session will also screen the award-winning student-made documentary "Wheelchair Diaries: One Step Up" which has been shown across the country and around the world at schools, universities, and film festivals.

In the context of these short films and videos, panelists and attendees will discuss how to leverage video media to advance the participation of students with disabilities in international exchange.

We look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you to join us at AHEAD! Learn more about the 2016 AHEAD conference.

Event location: 

Indianapolis, IN