Advancing disability rights and leadership globally®

At Mobility International USA (MIUSA), every day is International Women’s Day, as we are passionate about empowering women with disabilities to achieve their human rights and take their rightful place as leaders throughout the world.

We celebrate the hundreds of disabled women leaders from 89 countries who have participated in MIUSA’s Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). We invite you to join us in honoring these leaders and change-makers with disabilities!

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Learn about the impact of our newest cohort of WILD women as they train hundreds of women with disabilities at the grassroots level in their communities. Read the blog.
  • Give the gift of our photobook, Brilliant and Resilient: Celebrating the Power of Disabled Women Activists, to a brilliant woman in your life. This book recognizes the leadership and outstanding accomplishments of 50 disabled women activists from 41 countries. Order the photobook.
  • Host the Brilliant & Resilient photo exhibit and bring the WILD experience to your next event. Find details about hosting the exhibit.
  • Cook with a purpose! MIUSA joined forces with 12 WILD alumni from around the world to whip up Rights and Recipes, perhaps one of the first cookbooks created by disabled women activists who are breaking down preconceived barriers of what is possible and making transformational changes in their communities and their countries. Purchase the Rights and Recipes Cookbook.
  • Visit the Mural! Experience the joy, passion and global solidarity of women with disabilities through the Loud, Proud & Passionate!® mural located in downtown Eugene. Learn about the mural.
  • Watch “The Story of WILD,” a multimedia performance layering live and recorded elements, which was a creative collaboration between three MacArthur Fellows. Watch the Video.
  • Donate to our upcoming Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). With your support, we can continue to build the pipeline of leaders changing the world. Donate today.

Most importantly, join us in thanking disabled women activists and allies everywhere. Thank you to our generous supporters for believing in all we do.

Susan Sygall, CEO and Co-founder

Advancing disability rights and leadership globally®

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